Who are we? NaXeL iPartners

The Indonesian member of GlobalScope family of 55 International Advisory Firm in 48 countries. 

What we do? 

Assist Indonesian businesses in:

1. Equity Fund Raising:

Growing company that have an expansion plan but cannot obtain more loan due to high Debt to Equity ratio or has no more collateral.

2. Divestment:

Owner of business who want to sell the business due to retirement or succession issue.

3. Finding a Joint Venture Strategic Partner:

A strategic partner shares the same vision in growing the company long term.

Unlike Financial Investor, they do not just provide funding but may also bring new product, technology, know-how, system, or even new business.

4. Overseas Investment & Acquisition:

Entering a new overseas market can be more assuring with a local partner. With Globalscope network, we can find a suitable partner in more than 48 countries


Why NaXeL?

We already have companies in similar industry that are looking to enter Indonesia. They are strategic long term investors that usually become strategic partner for several generations.


Which Industry?

 To find out more please


What Deal Size?

GlobalScope members focus more on midmarket transactions : US$20 - 50m deal size