Divestment or Fund Raising Projects

The following list represents company or its shareholder need to divest, to raise fund or to look for strategic partner.

South East Asia


  1. Manufacturing of plywood and Medium Density Fiberboard (‘MDF”) with upstream supply of raw materials from its natural forest concessions - Indonesia

  2. Urban Railway (Ballastless) Development in North Sumatra - Indonesia

  3. Intercity Railways (Ballastless) Development in Bengkulu - Indonesia

  4. Marine construction company that specializes in building seawater intake and jetty - Indonesia

  5. Ground improvement company that offers various services, from trading (geo synthetic products), installation, and construction - Indonesia

  6. 250 HA mixed-use tourism development in Lombok island - Indonesia

  7. System integrator of network infrastructure as well as design network architecture and network maintenance services - Malaysia

  8. Automated waste collection system company - Malaysia

  9. Leading importer and distributor of Fresh & Marine produce to supermarkets, hotels, restaurants and institutional clients - Singapore & Malaysia

  10. Several Mechanical & Electrical (“M&E”) engineering companies that provide designing, building and installation of M&E systems - Singapore

  11. Provider of aluminum architectural solutions for commercial, residential and public projects - Singapore

  12. Provider of Queue Management Solution, Traffic Management Solution, Security Management Solution and System Integration - Singapore

  13. Solar PV system installation company - Singapore

  14. General construction company - Singapore

  15. Systems integrator of water management and waste water treatment - Singapore

  16. Chain departmental stores and supermarkets in Southern China - Singapore

  17. Paper manufacturing company focusing on recycling wastepaper into high-quality packaging materials (medium and test-liner) - Vietnam

  18. Civil Engineering company that focuses on dam, irrigation and hydro-electric works - Vietnam

  19. Two Mechanical & Electrical (“M&E”) engineering company that provides designing, building and installation of M&E systems - Vietnam

  20. Several solar assets (renewable energy) sale - Vietnam

Asia ex SEA

  1. One of the top manufacturers of polypropylene woven bags in Central Asia various types of polypropylene bags - Uzbekistan

  2. One of the Leading manufacturers of spreads and margarine - Uzbekistan

  3. Alloy and engineering steel manufacturing company - India

  4. A company that offers end to end state-of-the-art turnkey automation solutions - India

  5. Rail Business of a manufacturing company which caters to Defense, Aerospace, Railways and Industrial applications - India

  6. Provider of custom-built Waste Heat Recovery (“WHR”) and re-utilization systems, and heating and cooling systems/equipment - India

  7. Software and solution provider with expertise in Logistics, Software Solutions, Business Intelligence, Application Services and Software Testing - India


  1. Manufacturing of various button products including polyester, metal, corozo, horn, bone, wood, coconut, and shell buttons - Turkey

  2. Producer of rubber seals and gaskets for tunnels (long diameter) and pipes (shorter diameter) - Spain

  3. Producer of starch, glucose and dextrose products - Portugal

  4. Software development company focused on the specialized finance industry, targeting long term renting, leasing, automotive finance, mortgage and consumer lending companies - Portugal

  5. Manufacturing of hydraulic breakers and small vineyard tractors - Italy

  6. Importer and Distributor of screws, bolts and mechanical fastening systems, leveraging on a long relationship with Chinese suppliers - Italy

  7. Producer of internationally rated Barolo and Barbera wines, as well as other Langhe wines - Italy

  8. Cash security and protection solution company offering a full range of cash packaging and security sealing products for banks, retailer, CIT companies and other industries - Germany

  9. Company group that specializes in the development of dietary products, and sport nutrition ; digital personal training programs, and workout, and nutrition guides ; as well as the retailing female sportswear, lifestyle wear, swimwear, and underwear - Germany

  10. Producer of industrial valves, valve components, valve equipment and also one-stop-shop for complete project-related valve equipment - Croatia

  11. Manufacturing of forest and small agricultural tractors - Croatia

  12. Security services provider and security solutions integrator, offering a wide range of security services i.e. on-site manned guarding, intervention teams, fire detection and protection, 24/7 alarm monitoring, remote video solutions, ballistic, intrusion and escorts security and other auxiliary services - Croatia

  13. Producer of bioethanol, beverage ethanol, neutral dehydrated (anhydrous) ethanol, denatured ethanol, and dried distilled grains with solubles - Bulgaria

  14. Major diversified producer of cosmetics based in a EU-member state in South-East Europe - Bulgaria

  15. Vertically integrated producer of foie gras, meat and other duck products based in an EU-member state in CEE - Bulgaria

  16. Established export-oriented cosmetics producer focused mostly on hair colorants - Bulgaria

  17. Provider of local and international transportation, groupage, courier and logistics services - Bulgaria

  18. Developer of a leading database product, vigorously utilized as part of real-time web and big data applications - Bulgaria

  19. Leading distributor of ICT hardware and software operating in a EU-member state in SEE with 90+% B2B sales - Bulgaria

  20. Furniture technical development, production and installation of interior projects for the retail and hospitality sectors with 90% export to EU and the Middle East - Bulgaria

  21. Premium supplier of ornamental fish feeds for both marine and freshwater tropical fish, koi and goldfish with high focus on quality and innovation - Belgium

  22. Leading cell therapy company addressing high unmet medical needs in the field of orthopedics and bone diseases - Belgium

  23. Wholesale trader of auto spare parts in the CIS market with more than 20,000 regular wholesale customers - Belarus

  24. Custom software company with head office in USA and development center in Eastern Europe - Belarus

  25. Producers of paper and cardboard from recycle paper - Ukraine

  26. Manufacturer and supplier of crop protection and life science products to professional users - Ukraine

  27. Distributor of auto parts in Eastern Europe with a contract manufacturing in China and Turkey - Ukraine


  1. Cold storage logistics for food and seeds  - Brazil

  2. Home Health Care services companies located in major capitals of the Brazilian Northeast region - Brazil

  3. Producer of ultra premium wine founded by a member of the prestigious and historical family from France - Argentina