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Strategic Investment Interest

The following are sectors that Strategic Investors actively looking in Indonesia. Most likely they want majority stake in acquisition or Joint Venture. Note that the list is updated periodically, so those at the top of the list are the most recent inquiries.

Industrial & Engineering

  1. Limestone CaCO3 to CaOH2

  2. Waste management, water management, WTE

  3. Fermentation MSG, amino acid, lactic acid manufacturing

  4. Cosmetic, Body care, Household products Contract Manufacturing

  5. Beverage Filling Service

  6. Manufacturer of thermal insulation panels

  7. Gas/liquid chromatography equipment, pretreatment equipment, components, fillers, analytical columns, solid phase, peripheral equipment. Cells for spectrophotometers and quartz products, Semiconductor-related analyzers, Bio-equipment and components, all other related products.

  8. Wholesaler of machinery for food, textile and pharma industries

  9. Mini Steel mill (small scale electric furnace)

  10. Switchboard/switchgear manufacturer

  11. Data Center related engineering, maintenance of power plant, designer of factory and hospital

  12. Distributor of factory automation, industrial equipment and system, semiconductors, electronic devices, and medical equipment

  13. Timber and other wood construction materials producer

  14. Commodities

  15. Aluminum processing

  16. Paint / PVC / Gypsum / Roofing / Building Material logistic

  17. Fireproof or waterproof building materials

  18. Manufacturers and distributors of protective equipment (helmets, safety shoes, work clothes, safety glasses, gloves, crash prevention equipment, etc.) and hygiene products (masks, nitrile gloves, disinfectants, etc.) 

  19. SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel) or HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) biodiesel related companies

  20. Coating business for very small or strictly hygienic objects such as electronic components and medical equipment

  21. PVC or PE pipes, valves and fittings

  22. Consumables and Tools distributor for manufacturing industry, metal products preferred. 

  23. Non Commodity processed steel

  24. Fiber Optic network EPC

  25. Basic chemicals raw materials

  26. Non woven absorbent materials

  27. Activated Carbon

  28. Cleaning and Degreasing agents (Maintenance, Repair and Operation) products

  29. Cans and cosmetics containers

  30. Livestock feed producer

  31. Power transmission and distribution

  32. Retort film packaging for food

  33. Dump truck or trailer

  34. Coil Center

  35. LPG/Propane gas distributor and/or producer

  36. Specialty papers: anti counterfeit paper, protection paper, PH neutral paper

  37. Industrial Boilers Manufacturers

  38. Submersible water pump manufacturer or distributor

  39. Soft Commodities plantation: rice, coffee, corn, wheat, soybean, cocoa

  40. Renewable Energy (Wind, Solar, Hydro, Geothermal, LNG)

  41. Mining (Gold, Iron Ore, Zinc, Met Coal, etc.)

  42. Auto or Train Carriage manufacturer

  43. Palm Kernel Shell Collector, and logistics

  44. Automotive and parts logistics

  45. Electronic components, med devices, building or auto material using fiberglass

  46. Waste or Water Treatment operator or maintenance service

  47. Solar Energy Engineering

  48. Printed Circuit Board

  49. Cable Manufacturing

  50. Building Infocom, Security and safety system

  51. Aquaculture, such as shrimp

  52. Auto parts distributor

  53. Medical and Cosmetics materials

  54. Plastic parts for automotive or housing

  55. Metal Fabricator ( aluminum or steel )

  56. Corrugated cardboard converter

  57. Electrical cables for railways or medical use

  58. Water treatment membrane (UF/MF,FO)

  59. Industrial tapes for automotive wire harness

  60. Power Shovels rental/maintenance

  61. Power Tools Producer

  62. Control Valves/Hydraulic manufacturer pumps for Large power shovels

  63. Aqua Farming: shrimp/prawn, freshwater fish (tilapia or catfish)

  64. Scaffolding manufacturer or rental

  65. Mold Producer

  66. Marine Lubricant Oil Distributor

  67. Gas Pipeline, Power, Water Engineering

  68. Industrial pump

  69. Film and flexible packaging

  70. Paper wares producer

  71. Thermal paper producer or distributor

  72. Security paper producer

  73. Rubber product for healthcare/ OA equipment (paper transfer roller)

  74. Scrap iron processor or dealer

  75. Producer or distributor of valve or joint used for central piping system at factory, O&G plant, and vessel

  76. Liquid for injection Contract Manufacturer

  77. Color plastic compounder

  78. Resin Compounder for auto or medical use

  79. Cast Polypropylene (CPP) film producer

  80. Film for food or electronic material distributor

  81. Packaging, wrapping, food processing machine manufacturer

  82. Auto water pump producer

  83. Producer or distributor of Fiber or Fabric for auto sector (tire yarn, hoses, belt) and for construction use

  84. Breeder or distributors of Seed and Seedling of Flowers

  85. Synthetic Resin distributor

  86. Plastic injection molding for healthcare and automotive sector

  87. Building materials from glass, steel, plastic and  resin

  88. Steel Fabricator

  89. LED, solar panel, energy saving products

  90. Aluminum die casting, machining for auto parts

  91. Industrial Storage Tank Manufacturer

  92. Auto components: Decelerator, gear pump, motor, die cast for brake system

  93. Manufacturer of customized vehicles: concrete pump vehicles, concrete mixers, tank trucks, dump trucks, garbage trucks

  94. Gold / Silver Refinery

  95. Electrical cable distributors

  96. Asphalt / Bituminous Contractor

  97. Insect Repellent

  98. Colour Compounders

  99. Car Parking system and equipment producer

  100. Conveyor Belt Producer

  101. Palm Oil Plantation in Kalimantan

  102. Wood Furniture Manufacturer or Distributor

  103. B2B manufacturing business

  104. Label for paper and plastic packaging

  105. Structural adhesives (epoxy resin) or polyurethane resin application for shoes or synthetic leather

  106. Adhesives, sealants, construction and paint chemicals

  107. Material Testing Lab, Non Destructive Testing, Geotechnical Engineering

  108. Nickel Mining and Smelter project

  109. IT Engineer Staffing Services

  110. Wood Particle Board / MDF

  111. Injection molding for Decorative parts of automotive, cosmetics packaging, medical, household products.

  112. Utility Infrastructure: Ports, Road, Dam, Power, or Water Plants

  113. Gypsum Board

  114. Specialty Crops

  115. Fruit Plantation

  116. PET or glass bottle and beverage filling

  117. Water Treatment

  118. Agriculture farming, agro chemical, fertilizer

  119. Aquatic feed, upstream and downstream business

  120. Power Company

  121. Water utilities

  122. Building Glass manufactures

  123. Banana Plantation

  124. Laser cutting machine

  125. Solar, wind, or hydro power

  126. White cement producer

  127. Oil and lubricants

  128. Hot and cold steel sheets, steel bars and pipes manufacturing

  129. Chemical car supplies (wax , cleaner, freshener)

  130. Factory Automation

  131. Coffee Plantation

  132. Industrial Gases such as Oxygen, Nitrogen and Argon

  133. Concrete building materials

  134. Gas operation and utility

  135. Solar or Biomass Power Generation

  136. Window frame

  137. Machine and power tools distributors

  138. Office Furniture

  139. Auto dealership - new and used car/motorcycle

  140. Agriculture mechanical equipment producer or distributor

  141. Cosmetics ingredients distributor

  142. Rolling Door Shutter

  143. Paint producer

  144. Liquid Packaging

  145. Coating

  146. Fertilizer, mining chemicals, food chemicals, bio-fuels, pesticides, niche chemical

  147. Refrigeration component distributor

  148. City water management

  149. Steel Pipe Distributor

  150. Chemical Distributor or Trader

  151. Cement

  152. Metal Recycling

  153. Electrical products manufacturer: panel, UPS, trafo, inverter, etc,

  154. Water and Power Plant

  155. Fire Alarm and Smoke Control Systems

  156. Lumber and forestation

  157. Cardboard

  158. Electrical machinery

  159. Fuel distribution

  160. Essence/aroma chemical/Flavor

  161. Mini Hydro power plant and other renewable energy

  162. Waste Water Management

  163. Animal Feed

  164. Producer of organic chemicals, fine chemicals, functional materials, pharmaceutical, agro chemicals, feed additives and those raw materials and intermediates,

  165. Spice Oleoresins, trading and distribution business

  166. Container of soft drinks or soft drinks including teas, and bottling companies

  167. Agrochemical, bio-fertilizer and other type of unique agro culture related business

  168. Flour mill or sugar mill

  169. Soybean processing company- starch or non starch

  170. Gravure Printing

  171. Functional chemicals and polymers - Organic peroxides/ Petrochemicals/ Functional polymers

  172. Oleo & Specialty Chemicals - Fats & Glycerin/ Fatty acid derivatives/ Surfactants/ Petrochemical products

  173. Adhesive and Coating material producer

  174. Metal Forging and Cutting

  175. Mining resources

  176. Fatty Acids Producer

  177. Energy

  178. Oil & Gas

  179. Mineral

  180. Lignite, sea sand, laterite (nickel) mines

  181. Lighting products

  182. Printing & Packaging - Plastic or paper or can

  183. Pulp and Paper

  184. Industrial Screw related products

  185. Food Grade Packaging,

  186. Auto and machine parts,


Business Services

  1. Hospital service or product supplier

  2. Medical Professions Recruitment Service

  3. Hotel Management Company

  4. Destination management company/In Bound Tour Operator

  5. Self Storage Solution

  6. Heavy Equipment Reseller or Auctioneer

  7. Chemical Transportation

  8. Testing, Inspection and Certification

  9. Marketing agencies especially in influencer marketing and influencer management companies

  10. Secretarial, accounting, tax, legal or HR advisory services

  11. Security System Integrator

  12. Digital Advertising Agency

  13. Business Services for medical industry

  14. Bed bank company

  15. IT Recruitment and Placement firm

  16. Sea Freight Forwarder

  17. Logistics and Infra (Dry Bulk, Resources related infra, Water Utilities)

  18. Airport Facility Operation/Maintenance

  19. Renewable Energy Consultant

  20. Construction Consultant

  21. Forklift or construction equipment Rental

  22. Toilet seat, bath up, electric toilet distributor

  23. Housing Renovation Contractor

  24. Business Process Outsourcing: IT/HR/Accounting/Call Center

  25. Architect Design Firm

  26. Building Hygiene Services: air fresheners, sanitisers, hand dryers, towel, soap and toilet paper dispensers, floor mats.

  27. Pest Control Services

  28. Distributor of wallpapers, curtains, and flooring

  29. Fumigation using Aluminum Phosphate for food preparation site

  30. Technical Manual writing and editing for auto, machinery producer. dealer and user

  31. Catalog, booklet printing and bookbinding

  32. Recruitment company

  33. Auto Parking business

  34. Hotel or Service Apartment Operator

  35. Air Freight Forwarding/ Heavy Weight Transport

  36. Data Printing BPO

  37. Co-Working Space

  38. General Construction Company

  39. B to C home delivery service

  40. Building Security and Maintenance Service

  41. Air Cond. Country Distributor, Installer, After sales maintenance

  42. Modern retailer, wholesaler, distributor, online trading

  43. Call Center

  44. Logistics:  cold-chain, 3PL, warehouse

  45. Auto related business: recycling, inspection, trading, escrow and financing, accessories, auto media,

  46. Building/ Facility Management

  47. Building materials distributors : plywood, fiber boards, lumber, window and door, paint, adhesive

  48. Nursing expat agency

  49. Online and Offline auto, accessories, services related business

  50. Brochure and Booklet Printing Company

  51. Warehouse and Cold Storage

  52. HVAC, plumbing, and clean room contractor

  53. Petrol Wholesaler or Retailer

  54. Travel related business including agency, transport and hotel

  55. Expat Relocation Services

  56. Cold Storage Transport

  57. Third Party Logistic

  58. Electrical and AC maintenance and engineering contractor

  59. Bus Process Outsourcing (Call Center)

  60. Logistic warehousing

  61. Land freight transport

  62. Forwarding company

  63. Market Research company

  64. Distributor of auto repair and maintenance tools

  65. Advertising Agency

  66. Event Management

  67. Courier

  68. Temporary Staffing



  1. Fresh Vegetable processing, Home meal replacement, Halal food

  2. Golf related business: fashion, accessory, booking system, tour solution

  3. Frozen food, dumpling, seaweeds

  4. Indian Spices and Condiments

  5. Eyewear retail or manufacturing

  6. Skincare

  7. Jewelry

  8. Plastic Storage box/container

  9. Mayonnaise, salad dressing, sauce

  10. Shoes, apparel, sporting goods, child-related retailer or distributor

  11. E-commerce or Chain store of maternal and baby products, or medical cosmetology and beauty clinics

  12. Distributor of food, and liquor

  13. Central kitchen

  14. Kitchen cabinet

  15. Smart home appliances

  16. Vending machine operator

  17. Cling wrap, rubbish bags, straws, body puffs, zipper and slider bags

  18. Business School

  19. Cigar and its raw material

  20. Beauty Salon

  21. Educational services

  22. Amusement Arcade

  23. Fisheries or meat processing

  24. K12 education institution

  25. Household Appliances

  26. Health foods, plant based processed products, organic product

  27. Baby and maternity products

  28. Children products and, game & toys distributors

  29. Lemon related drink and soup related food

  30. Halal Skincare product

  31. International School management

  32. Fruit jam, frozen, juice, additive, essence, preservative

  33. Consumer (FMCG, Healthcare, Pharma, Food, etc)

  34. Men Underwear OEM manufacturer

  35. Manufacturing and distribution of premixed and instant food

  36. Hi - end restaurants

  37. Online Travel Agency

  38. Café or Bakery Chain

  39. Wheat and Oil meals

  40. Luxury and high end Food Importer & distributor

  41. Sport Clubs

  42. Food Additive ( thickening stabilizer, flavor, acidulant, sweetener, preservative,etc)

  43. Dairy Cow Farm

  44. Tofu, Pulse food, salad delivered daily to supermarket or convenience stores

  45. Flour Mix Producer

  46. Tuna Farmers, Processors & Distributors

  47. Fresh/Frozen/Semi Preserved Fish and Seafood for B to B

  48. Water or Juice manufacturer

  49. Branded Cosmetics

  50. Sport Fishing Equipment Manufacturer

  51. Toys, Games, Hobby goods distributor

  52. Sport Wear

  53. Cheese Producer

  54. Online Cosmetics Store

  55. Sanitary pad

  56. Skin care Product OEM

  57. Hair Dye

  58. Japanese/Ramen/Sushi/Chicken related foods

  59. Rice related industry

  60. Wedding supplier

  61. Sauce, Spice, Dairy Products, meat, snacks, alcohol, producer or distributor

  62. Chocolate and Cocoa producer

  63. Bakery Product Manufacturer

  64. Nutritional food

  65. Instant Noodle

  66. Local brand apparels

  67. Japanese Restaurant Chain

  68. Water Heater & Heating unit

  69. Women Apparel Brand

  70. Vegetables processor and distributors

  71. Japanese Food Supplier to Restaurants and Hotels

  72. Soy milk Producer

  73. Restaurant Chain

  74. Snack/pudding/cake/sweets w owned brands

  75. Modified starch, sauce, bakery, beverage manufacturer and food material distributor

  76. Dried fruit, and snack

  77. Japanese Language School

  78. Family Resort in Bali w 70 - 100 keys

  79. Edible Vegetable Oil incl.: Palm, Coconut, etc

  80. Beer & wine

  81. Live seafood farming 

  82. Drug stores

  83. Food processing, Food franchise

  84. Livestock, Seafood, Feed, Dairy

  85. Confectioneries, ice cream, biscuit, crackers, yogurt

  86. Pet food distributor

  87. Fruit for jam

  88. Stationery

  89. Cinema chain

  90. Amusement & Entertainment Center (Bowling, Billiard, Table Tennis, etc)

  91. Ready to Drink Tea and Coffee

  92. Personal Care products

  93. Fishery and packaged seafood

  94. Kitchen products and white good appliance

  95. Restaurant and supermarket supplier

  96. Fragrance, Flavor, Seasonings and Spices, tea, coffee, cocoa, dry fruits and veggie, and natural food ingredients

  97. Small electrical appliances

  98. Health Food

  99. Producers of products that promote via TV ads or TV shopping channel

  100. Chained Karaoke Operator

  101. Coffee related business

  102. Sausage and ready meals

  103. Fruits and herbs distributor

  104. Jelly, candy and snack

  105. Tissue paper

  106. Disposable diaper

  107. Sugar business

  108. Low - mid resto chain

  109. Wedding Planner

  110. Apparel retail

  111. Textile and garment producer

  112. Infant Clothing

  113. Fast Food chain

  114. Retail chain w tobacco sale license

  115. Garment, apparel sewing or fabric dying company 

  116. Local flavor sauce maker

  117. Body care products and cosmetics

  118. Electronics Retail chain

  119. Non formal Education: Nursery, kindergarten, cram school

  120. Retail

  121. Home and Consumer care products

  122. Garment Producer or Retailer

  123. Supermarket

  124. Eyeglass retail shops

  125. Frozen foods

  126. Meat Processing Supply chain from breeding to distribution

  127. Food and Beverage

  128. Functional foods - Edible oils/ Health related products

  129. Soy sauce or fish sauce producer

  130. FMCG,

  131. Golf courses and resorts

  132. Trader, wholesaler, distributor of food and resto supplies

Tech Media Telecom

  1. OCR (Optical Character Recognition) , RPA (Robotics
    Process Automation), IoT solutions providers for manufacturers, healthcare/medical sector, logistics sector.

  2. AI based Data Analysis Consultant

  3. SMS provider

  4. Cloud Service

  5. Agricultural tech related companies (especially rice, sugar, cassava, durian related, or its derivatives)

  6. Edu-Tech companies w unique technology and services

  7. Medical data management system

  8. Internet Infrastructure Backbone; Fiber-Optic network

  9. Data Center

  10. Telecom Tower

  11. Data technology company

  12. Telecom Infrastructure Engineering

  13. Financial Institutions Database provider

  14. Security Camera

  15. Auto & Motorcycle e-commerce site

  16. Value added printing and document management services

  17. Industrial automation, automotive electronics components and Healthcare IT

  18. Company that implement, installation and maintanance services of IT products (PC, Server, Storage) and other Infocomm products such as ATM, Bank Kiosk, telecom/PBX, AC system

  19. Products & Services Compare & Review websites; travel, restaurant, IT products, banking products, and other consumer goods.

  20. Disaster radio system and intellegent transpost system

  21. Networking and security: IP PBX and related systems

  22. Telcom infrastructure: engineering and implementation company

  23. Semiconductor producer

  24. 3D Printing, such as for image processing / PCB Processing

  25. IT Company in Regulation Compliance market: Reg Tech

  26. Network Equipment manufacturer

  27. Payment Gateway and e-commerce payment solution

  28. e-Sport EO and Team sponsor

  29. System integrators, including software license distributors, IT infrastructure, IT security, Cloud services (incl. Infrastructure-as-a-Service, PaaS), MSP (Managed Service Providers) and Business Process Outsourcing

  30. Electronics devices and components

  31. Digital Advertising Agency (DSP, SSP, DMP)

  32. TV Shopping Channel

  33. Infomercial Marketing

  34. Contracted media content or program

  35. Map Data Supplier

  36. IT Solution

  37. FinTech Payment Solution

  38. IT company, games/apps development, online platform provider

  39. IT services (system integration and managed services)

  40. Smart Card printing company

  41. RF System and Broadcasting Tower

  42. GPS or navigation for smartphones,

  43. IT Products distributor

  44. Automobile portal

  45. Social Game provider

  46. Internet or e-Commerce


Medical & Healthcare

  1. In-Vitro Fertilization Clinic

  2. Women’s health and critical care products

  3. Dialysis clinics or clinical testing labs

  4. Dental materials manufacturer or distributor of dental materials and equipment within the top three market share

  5. Medical device brand or distributor without manufacturing assets

  6. Hospitals and clinics with dialysis departments, pharmaceutical wholesalers and manufacturers

  7. Drug Brands/Portfolio

  8. Bioscience company

  9. Hospital w over 350 beds that has strength in Cardiology, Orthopedic Surgery (if any, Cardiac Surgery)

  10. Medical Care products

  11. Blow Fill Seal pharma products such as Eye drops

  12. Dental Care products

  13. Oral care products distributor

  14. Clinical exam machinery

  15. Generic drug pharmaceutical

  16. Chinese medicine health food

  17. Operating Room medical equipment distributors

  18. Clinical Exam, liquid biopsy, biochem, DNA & Cancer research

  19. Clinical Research Organization

  20. Enzyme for medical and food

  21. Hospital, medical clinic, retirement home

  22. Healthcare IT

  23. Pharma distributor and logistic service

  24. Medical and Nursing care product distributor

  25. Medical equipment and device distributor

  26. Dental equipment

  27. Clinical lab Reagent Distributor

  28. Health products

  29. Clinical laboratory testing centers

  30. Life science products - MPC bio compatible materials/ Diagonistic and research use reagents

  31. Pharmaceutical

  32. Cancer & Hospital Therapy

  33. Hospital

Financial & Real Estate

  1. Auto Lease

  2. Mobility (tech) investments and leasing/lending/factoring platforms in Southeast Asia with a proprietary loan book

  3. Real estate agencies or financial institutions specializing in housing loans

  4. Family oriented Resort

  5. Industrial Estate Development

  6. Telematics Insurance

  7. Real Estate for Office Building, Real Estate for leasing

  8. Hotel in major city 3 or 4 stars w 200 rooms

  9. 4 to 5 Stars hotels

  10. Licensed Stock Broker and Investment Bank

  11. Used car multifinance

  12. Insurance Broker

  13. Online Securities firm

  14. Leasing and Financing Company

  15. Office Building

  16. Hotel in major cities

  17. Shopping Mall

  18. Consumer financing

  19. Credit Card

  20. Equipment Leasing

  21. Banks and Insurance

  22. Fund Management

  23. Life and Non Life Insurance

  24. Auto Finance

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